Getting Back in the Swing

Monday, July 6, 2015

YAWN.... stretch.... blink, blink.

Good morning Army West Point fans, did I miss anything? Hopefully I can get back into the flow and post with some regularity.

Army news and previews are sprouting up here and there, so I'll try to compile them here in the walk-up to the season.

Army West Point beat writer Sal Interdonato is back to it with a look at some possible 1st year contributors (subscription article) for the Cadets. It's a fresh look at some of the team's youngest layers of talent and a nice read. It's always interesting to see the new players and watch the team grow.

 And by the way, now that I've mentioned it... it comes a lot more natural to me to call the team the Cadets than the Black Knights. In fact you could call them the Cornwall Cadets and I would still prefer that to Black Knights.  "Army West Point" though? I don't know about that one. No big deal, because whoever came up with the names hedged and I can fall back on calling the team the Cadets as I greatly prefer.

It's nice to see the conference commissioners finally throw a bone to the Big East Big AAC.

The College Football Playoff management committee has recommended that the CFP semifinals and/or New Year's Six bowls be held open until after the Army-Navy game is played if either school is in the running for the games.
If Army or Navy is in the running for a top-four ranking, the College Football Playoff selection committee will wait until after the teams play to seed the field.

It's a clear non-concession for a league that has been hung out to dry by neighboring leagues and by its own former members, I mean the good old Big East wasn't even allowed to keep its name. So while it's refreshing for the BE to get any kind of boost from the powers that be - at this point it's a silly consolation as the New Bullshit Playoff won't ever have to wait for the Army Navy game to finish in order to make it's anointment$.
If it was any different the any team in question would have been included in the money grab in the first place.

Lastly, here's a fat, juicy preview for Army's upcoming season. It's the first 2015 preview that I've seen and a lengthy one. Naturally it's a must read, so head on over to

It's nice to be back in the swing of things, I'll try to keep it current.


Independence Day 2015

Saturday, July 4, 2015

Happy 4th of July


Memorial Day 2015

Sunday, May 24, 2015


Rebranding the Rebuild

Monday, April 6, 2015

Pretty sweet news came out earlier today that Army athletics will be getting a facelift.

Through its partnership with Nike, Army is set to reveal new logos and lettering — while reportedly bringing back a familiar nickname — April 13.

I haven't even seen the new logos, but already I love the idea. I've thought about the nickname Black Nights and though I accepted it, it sort of struck me as unnecessarily fictional. The hilarious imagery occasionally put forth by Rutgers blog Beat Visitor makes me chuckle every single time I see it, and it further made me wish that Army athletic teams were still called Cadets.

There is already speculation about logo possibilities and I would like to register my vote for the simple block lettered ARMY with a return of the old mule for apparel. If you like the Black Knights motif or if you're into vintage gear - you'll be in luck shortly as Black Knights gear will be phased out and likely discounted - so keep an eye out for both old school and brand new merch on Army athletics' online store.

It's not often a team like Army gets its image reset, so let's hope for the best. In 5 months I hope the only thing we have to bellyache about is how much we DON'T like the new logo - but as for right now - I feel like it's the slow buildup to Christmas morning until the new scheme is revealed on the 13th. 


Back in Black

Thursday, March 26, 2015

I missed this pre-spring clip of Coach Monken talking about the spring session courtesy Army Athletics Youtube channel. It's a frank talk about what it takes in terms of dedication and ability and it's clear he's trying to develop both of those facets within the team.

There are some more practice notes from Army's early spring practice sessions. celebrates the crack of the pads with a good writeup on the first contact practice.

Sal Interdonato's latest spring ball notes gets into the players knocking off a little bit of rust after spring break.

Walker said he lifted twice last week while on spring break. He and about eight of his teammates worked out together while enjoying some fun in the sun.

“We went out together and ran a couple of miles each day and tried to stay active,” Walker said. “We knew how important it was to stay active and work out over the break especially after last year because we didn’t necessarily do that and we felt it on the first day that we came back. So this year, we definitely had to do that… On the beach, we were horsing around playing with a football. It was a little workout in itself. I guess that counts.”

On one side, it's the norm to kick back over spring break - for these kids it's not just the start of the season - they're getting into the home stretch of a killer academic year. I mean if even Urban Meyer was let down by Ohio State's first showing this spring - it kind of comes with the territory in terms of getting back into football shape.

One thing though - Ohio state are national champions - forget that Buckeye players have a different level of athletic ability than Army - the Black Knights have a lot to prove on the football field. Now let me be upfront that I know a lot more about what it takes to lounge poolside with cocktail service than I know about what it takes to play out a 13 game football season, but with the positive things we've heard about the offseason workouts being a step up from last year - I kind of expected there to be a plan in place from day 1 of spring ball. Anyway, I'm not going to lose sleep over it, it's a long time before the season kicks off.

Check Sal's piece for roster moves and a look at how the QB position is shaping up without A.J. Schurr in the mix.

Overall @SalInterdonato has the goods on these early sessions... pictures and video are all available in one place and for those who want an Army football fix - Sal's Twitter is the way to go.


Army's First 2015 Spring Practice

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Army football started back up Thursday in the non-contact portion of spring drills. It's a new era for Army football as the offense will feature a completely new corps of running backs.

One stat that stood out to @Salinterdonato was that Army graduated over 10,000 career yards rushing this year.

Appropriately, the natural place to look after a number like that is who's next... and Sal gives a look at new blood Joe Walker and a kid with a rather familiar last name: Joey Giovanelli

Here is someone's list of some of the better backfields in history, if these are the top 10 then I know not many teams have had to overcome 10,000 yards worth of graduation in a season.

Also in the backfield - assistant coach Tucker Waugh (@TuckerWaugh) is coaching Army's slotbacks. Coach Waugh is a longtime Army assistant coach who has changed roles from working with the wide receivers last year. 

Here's a little blurb preview on some Independent teams from the Orlando Sentinel. I know they will start up their team previews soon, and I hope to get back into the swing of posting things regularly. Incidentally I'm back on the east coast for the whole year, so I might actually get to attend a game and not just watch via satellite.

So it was helmets and shorts today - no contact. It's always sort of weird to start the spring football session with news about stretching and reporting to your position coach for drills, but then tack a spring break onto the beginning of spring workouts and it just has a funny feel to it.

(Jeff Monken ref. opening practice before spring break)
"When you are in season and it's a work week and this is for us, you have some more time to meet. We wanted to have a chance to get in the meeting room to help us prepare for practices. The guys deserve some time off. We have asked them to find a weight room next week and they will. They are coming off of a long stretch of offseason conditioning and deserve some time away."

 At least Spring ball is actually in the spring this year. It's as if the groundhog was right about 6 more weeks of winter.

No matter what it's the start of a new season and if you're an Army football fan then you're right to be excited for the new season.

You can find some photos of the first practice on @Salinterdonato.

Really looking forward to the season, but I'm going to remind all to take it day by day - we're a long way away from September.


Army 4-7

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Army knocked off an undersized but game Fordham team a few weeks ago moving their mark up to 4-7. It's nice to see that Army can win a game or 2 or 4 in this transition year, but the feeling that this was a letdown of a season keeps creeping up on me.

Yes, Army should have handled Yale - but Yale is no joke of a team. When UConn people got down on their own team for losing to Army - who lost to Yale. (YALE?!) It wasn't because they were disgusted about their own team. It's because they wanted to talk down to somebody. Well isn't it fun when a fan base like that gets their foot shoveled off? SMU smacked UConn in East Hartford for the Mustangs' first win of the year raising themselves out of the NCAA basement and kicking UConn down those same stairs. The cherry on top was UConn's basketball team losing a game at home to stinkin Yale.  (YALE?!)  I would give back UConn's loss to erase Army's loss, but at least Yale football is a good team. So I don't want to hear another peep out of sad and bitter UConn fans til they find acceptance within themselves that Connecticut athletics is closer to Vermont athletics than anything the AAC is doing, let alone the ACC.

So we're winding down year one of the Jeff Monken era. There have surely been disappointments - but change doesn't happen in one season. If Army went to New Haven and beat Yale we would have a different perspective on the season right now. The Black Knights would be playing for 6-6 and despite losing a lot of talent in 2015 we've found out a lot about the underclassmen on this team. No matter how you slice it, even with a losing record Army should feel optimistic about the near and long term future.

There will always be errors and some tightness in the first season, that's just how things work. Some of the poor play calls will be ironed out or wholly unnecessary in a couple of years. Right now, Army should be happy with their body of work. There's one more game for the seniors to show off; it's the most important game of our season and the most important game of their lives. Don't count them out: Army is DUE.

Anyway, Army is 4-7 - champion of New York City and face Navy next in the last game of the year.

Here's the Army Fordham story, stats, pictures and highlights.



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