Hilarious Pitt Coaching Rumors

Thursday, December 15, 2011

My alma mater Pittsburgh has found themselves in their seemingly annual quandry, their head coach Todd Graham left for Arizona State after just one year on the job (6-6).

Keep this in mind, this guy is from the Rich Rodriguez school of coaching. From his spread option system right down to his assistant coaches... hand picked from RR's Michigan fallout. In fact, Graham lost some of those assistants to Rodriguez just a couple short weeks ago.

So Pitt got duped, but are they really that much worse for wear? Graham is a scumbag and was clearly not a good fit for that football program. I've heard every head coaching rumor from Turner Gill to Jim Tressel. Basically every coach whose name isn't Sandusky has gotten some sort of mention from the fans.

A short list of the most ridiculous rumors:

Sal Sunseri - Another much ballyhooed "Pitt guy" Sunseri is not only an alum, but coached post-Paul Hackett Pitt back in 1992 on an interim basis. The fact that his interim hc work at Pitt is his only experience at the top spot pales in comparison to the fact that his son is the starter at QB. If Pitt wants any chance in attracting good QBs in this crucial recruiting cycle they have to make sure they don't Hawkins themselves.

K.C. Keeler - There is no way Keeler leaves Delaware for Pitt. Don't get me wrong, I would love to see Coach K take the Big East by storm... I just understand that it would have to be with the Delaware Blue Hens. At this point Keeler is lined up to be Delaware's Joe Paterno, just with more titles and more class. Which brings me to:

Joe Paterno - Surely mentioned as a joke. For years Paterno provided for Penn State exactly what Pitt is desperate for: stability at the top spot.

Jim Tressel - If I recall correctly one of the reasons Dave Wannstedt was let go was due to pervasive off-field issues. Well that sweater-vest carries the heavy musk of off-field issues. No chance for Tressel becomng the next coach at Pitt.

Dave Wannstedt - The most awkward choice might also be the most logical: Like his dinosaur offense or not, Wannstedt coached winners at Pitt. If only Pitt could just take him back and forget that the last 365 days ever happened.


Yearbook: Milligan College

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Editor's note: 
Just in time for Army's offseason I'm having laptop issues, which means I'm relegated to using the confounded macbook. That, coupled with the upcoming holiday season may slow down the activity on this blog.  The weekly yearbook posts may be one of the first things to suffer as I had a bunch of yearbooks on the busted computer set aside to post.  I'll do what I can to keep the yearbooks rolling out regularly, and I plan on recapping Army's season pretty soon, but if my irregular posts seem a bit more irregular than usual, that's probably the reason.


Here's another yearbook...

Milligan College's yearbook is scanned and available online. Titled The Buffalo, this yearbook has a good amount of the college's history. Despite several years going unpublished, the Buffalo is another great yearbook with some very interesting historical footnotes. Firstly, considering it's bowl season Milligan made the New York Times a while ago with this interesting piece about lesser bowls.

There was the Bean Bowl held in Scottsbluff, Neb., in 1949 and 1950: Idaho State defeated Chadron State in the inaugural game, Doane upended Northern Colorado in the finale. The Burley Bowl was big doings in Johnson City, Tenn., from 1946 to 1956.
(emphasis added)

Second interesting note: Milligan is notable as the only college that turned over its entire campus to the Navy's V-12 program. The 1947 Buffalo was the first yearbook edition published after the V-12 years yet there isn't much to be found in the record about the campus' Naval V-12 years. In fact the yearbooks don't say peep about anything to do with V-12. Sort of a strange omission, but I guess really not that surprising.


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Army 3-9

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

I've got all summer to peck out platitudes regarding Army's 10 game losing streak to Navy. I'm not going to do any of that now, and I will just suggest that Rich Ellerson's Army teams have by now closed the talent gap on the Mids and in one year this team will again have the chance to knock off  Navy.

It's not good to have the contempt I do for Navy as they are good people and they play good ball and their fans are typically pretty good fans.

Unfortunately, the coming months will bring more of the same: another year of calling it Navy/Army, 12 more months of questions and comparisons and sadly one more round of hating Navy right alongside the likes of WVU, Penn State and Ohio State.

I'll deal with that in time, right now here's your Navy/Army story, stats and highlights.



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