Library vol. 7

Thursday, January 14, 2010

It seems like I haven't posted in months, and between no bowl bid for Army and having to get a new laptop I just haven't had a lot to say.

This site is all on me, though and I've promised Cool Content® so it's about time to get it in gear.

This addition to the Library will also be listed under the Yearbooks section as it's one of the only West Point yearbooks that I found online in its entirety. For the few Howitzer yearbooks that I found this one is very special. The 1915 Howitzer gives a look at one of Army's most successful football seasons chronicling Army's undefeated 1914 season.
1914 was Army football's first undefeated season and was the first year that Army claimed a college football national championship. While there were no AP polls or BCS standings in those days, it's not hard to look at the records and standings of the top teams the 1914 Army team is deserving of such respect.

In the coming days one of the ongoing projects I hope to pursue is to review college football year by year in an effort to honor the game's top teams. It's an ambitious project but I think it could make for an interesting read provided that I compose each review with fairness and clarity. To that end I've enrolled in sensitivity training and I can only hope my instinctive biases are masked, at least while posting this series. I'll give more info on this project as we move forward in time.


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