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Thursday, July 12, 2012

The University of Washington Tyee is a fine yearbook to add to the collection - a great program like Washington in a great football conference like the PAC means these yearbooks are full of football history.

The Washington Huskies have played in 14 Rose Bowls and most of them are represented in the corresponding yearbooks.

                      The Huskies take the field vs. Alabama in the 1926 Rose Bowl

One of the things that stood out to me in reading the 1971 Tyee is how involved the students were in activism on campus.

-Tuition rising? Join a protest.
-Disagree with university funds going to military groups? Rise up in protest.
-Want to raise awareness of Latino rights and equality? There's a protest for that.

It's a far cry from the culture of my generation, and it's interesting to see just how politically connected the students were in the past.

 There is a universe of interesting facets to the UW student body and these yearbooks do well to depict their interests through time. The Washington Tyee is a nice addition to my online college yearbook collection. Get in there and check it out.

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