Army Rutgers Wrap Up

Monday, October 18, 2010

Before I get to the game, the condition of Rutgers DT Eric Legrand was disclosed earlier and everyone's worst fear has been confirmed.
  I make it very clear how I feel about certain teams, but accidents like Legrand's injury bring into crystal clear focus not only the danger and risk that these athletes play with, but the bigger picture of the importance of life and freedom and that compassion and universal respect for life and freedom are shared by people everywhere.

The game itself was a heartbreaker. That was a tough way to lose.

If you ask around, you'll probably hear that Army lost in more than just one tough way.

You want to get pissed about the officiating, read this.

The questionable calls included:
1. A horse-collar penalty on Jarrett Mackey on a sack of Chas Dodd, on a 3rd-and-23, which gave Rutgers an automatic first down.
2. A holding penalty on cornerback L.B. Brown on the opposite side of the field following a Dodd scramble out of  bounds right.
3. A pass interference penalty on cornerback Josh Jackson in the end zone on an underthrown, uncatchable pass.  A call that a side judge, a few feet from the play, didn’t feel the need to throw a flag on but the back judge, who was behind the end zone, did.
All three penalties killed the momentum of Army’s defense and negated positive plays.

If you want to get pissed about Army's play as the clock ticked down read this one.

Army had a 3rd-and-3 on Rutgers 7 in overtime. It appeared the play call might have been a sweep (on handback as it’s been called) to Cobbs, who was moving right to left. But the handoff never happen, leaving Steelman in limbo. Steelman tried to find running room left but was dropped for 1-yard loss.

Army settled for 26-yard field goal in a 23-20 loss.

If you don't already know how I feel about college football overtime: my take on the game resembles this.

Realistically, though, I'm over the game - another tough loss. Another game to raise doubts for this season - another disappointment for a game that Army sincerely deserved to win.

Considering the way the game was played and how it ended, in overtime to boot,.. nobody won this game.

Then mention the condition of Eric Legrand and figures like win, loss, and tie don't even matter a little bit. Legrand's injury really set me back. As much as I wanted to process the game, my thoughts drifted back to Legrand's injury. To see a kid with so much strength and promise as an athlete go through an injury like that is heartbreaking. It is difficult to come to terms with when you think of the long term outcome for Legrand, but hope abounds.

I ask my readers to give their thoughts to Legrand and the Rutgers family and hope for the best regarding his health.


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