Boise BYU game

Friday, September 21, 2012

It looks like Boise will fit into the Big East just fine.   Next year Boise may well be the best of the Big East and if Boise does end up being the beast of the East - the Big East is in serious trouble, which is not meant to take lightly Boise's recent dominance - they have earned everything set in front of them, but the Big East is a league that has absorbed a lot of turmoil. Handing a title to the noobs would be another change in a long line of perception changes.

The other side of the coin is that the Broncos will need to keep earning if they want to remain on the public's consciousness.  If Boise doesn't win the league, I would consider Boise's mid-major dynasty done and one would have to question Boise's move to what may end up being a lesser conference.

Games like last night's hopefully are not the norm in the new Big East - was it entertaining? -Yes, Thursday games typically provide  captive national audience.

Was the game played at a high level? Not from what I saw.  Questionable coaching calls, questionable tactics, and subpar play dominated the night.

I really hope that type of play doesn't dominate the Big East next year.


Yearbook: Utah

Thursday, September 20, 2012

The University of Utah Library has made Utah's yearbooks available online.
I had this one set aside after last week's Utah/BYU go-round  but given my usual lack of time and my chronic lack of motivation I never got around to posting it.

Utah is a great team and they, more than any other mid-major deserve their new found home in a major conference.

Get into this one, the Utah Utonian yearbooks - the latest addition to the yearbook collection.


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Wake Forest Notes

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

 Kevin Gleason had a pretty good take on the game.

   You want a wacky football game? This was a wacky football game. This was Jack Nicholson-as-Jack Torrance-in-The-Shining wacky. Army was on its way to rushing for 486 yards and that wasn't close to the wildest part.
   The nuttiest part was Army being anywhere close to Northern Illinois, no less holding another lead with 8:55 left, the way the Black Knights defense performed.
   You want crazy? Army ran for 285 yards in the first half, held the ball for 24 of the 30 minutes — and trailed 28-19 at the break.
   Northern Illinois scored four touchdowns in its first 17 plays. 

Sal's the good the bad and the ugly left out the NIU touchdown overturned by official review, probably because it was all three - good, bad and ugly.

Army game notes are up for Wake Forest. (pdf)



Week 3 Blogpoll Top 25

Monday, September 17, 2012

I'm doing about as well in my football pool as I am with my Blogpoll top 25.

I do like this one though. I even spent five minutes revising it!



SB Nation BlogPoll Top 25 College Football Rankings


The Unbalanced Line Ballot - Week 3

1Alabama Crimson Tide--
2Oregon Ducks--
3Florida St. SeminolesArrow_up 4
4LSU TigersArrow_down -1
5Oklahoma Sooners--
6South Carolina GamecocksArrow_up 3
7Georgia BulldogsArrow_up 3
8Michigan WolverinesArrow_up 8
9Stanford Cardinal--
10Louisville CardinalsArrow_up 8
11Kansas St. Wildcats--
12Florida GatorsArrow_up 9
13West Virginia MountaineersArrow_up 4
14Notre Dame Fighting IrishArrow_up 5
15Clemson TigersArrow_up 7
16USC TrojansArrow_down -12
17Ohio St. BuckeyesArrow_down -2
18Texas LonghornsArrow_down -4
19UCLA Bruins--
20Iowa St. Cyclones--
21TCU Horned FrogsArrow_up 2
22Utah Utes--
23Michigan St. SpartansArrow_down -15
24Ohio Bobcats--
25Cincinnati BearcatsArrow_down -1
Dropouts: Air Force Falcons, Nebraska Cornhuskers, Virginia Tech Hokies, Oklahoma St. Cowboys, Oregon St. Beavers
SB Nation BlogPoll College Football Top 25 Rankings »


Army 0-2

Sunday, September 16, 2012

NIU's aerial attack was the difference as Army lost to Northern Illinois Saturday at Michie Stadium. Army played well on offense racking up 486 rush yards on 86 carries with their hurry-up-and-wait option offense.

The execution was there on offense and if Army's defense gets out of a few 3rd down situations they could have won the game. Instead, I sat mesmerized by Jordan Lynch's passing exhibition.

Some of those passes that extended drives were just unreal. Perfect passes catching players in stride for long gains equalized Army's advantage in time of possession and gave the Huskies enough to win the game.

It's not time for army to panic, but some of that defensive stuff needs to be shored up before they play anybody - let alone a team from the ACC.

I know Wake Forest is no Florida State, and the Demons did get worn down in the 3rd quarter by FSU's offense (who wouldn't) - but Wake Forest (2-1) will provide a real road test for the Cadets. Can Army beat Wake? Absolutely.

Can Army afford to let receivers streak down the field unchecked? No, that's been proven in Saturday's loss.

Your Army/Northern Illinois story & stats.


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