Boise BYU game

Friday, September 21, 2012

It looks like Boise will fit into the Big East just fine.   Next year Boise may well be the best of the Big East and if Boise does end up being the beast of the East - the Big East is in serious trouble, which is not meant to take lightly Boise's recent dominance - they have earned everything set in front of them, but the Big East is a league that has absorbed a lot of turmoil. Handing a title to the noobs would be another change in a long line of perception changes.

The other side of the coin is that the Broncos will need to keep earning if they want to remain on the public's consciousness.  If Boise doesn't win the league, I would consider Boise's mid-major dynasty done and one would have to question Boise's move to what may end up being a lesser conference.

Games like last night's hopefully are not the norm in the new Big East - was it entertaining? -Yes, Thursday games typically provide  captive national audience.

Was the game played at a high level? Not from what I saw.  Questionable coaching calls, questionable tactics, and subpar play dominated the night.

I really hope that type of play doesn't dominate the Big East next year.




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