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Saturday, August 7, 2010

ESPN leads off today with a slideshow list of the 50 most painful college football outcomes.

Some of Army's worst Army/Navy letdowns made the list.

First up is the notable 1950 letdown.


Battle On The Field



Dec. 2, 1950: Army was 8-0 and ranked No. 2 in the country. Navy was 2-6. But behind quarterback Bob Zastrow, the Midshipmen orchestrated the storied rivalry's biggest upset. In the second quarter, Zastrow ran for a touchdown and passed for another, leading Navy to a 14-2 victory at Philadelphia's Municipal Stadium. President Harry S. Truman witnessed the surprising outcome, but the rest of America could only listen. It was the last time the Army-Navy game wasn't televised.

Army appears again at #15.

#15 Unfit To Tie



Nov. 27, 1948: Can a tie rank among the most painful outcomes of all time? This one can. Army, which had won national titles in '44, '45 and '46, was undefeated yet again. Navy was winless and punchless. The Middies had not scored more than 14 points in a game all season and had been shut out their two previous contests. Yet they battled back from a 14-7 deficit, tying the game at 14 and again at 21, and then stopping a late Army drive. This shocking draw would be the only blemish on Army's record across a two-year, 17-0-1 span.

Knees Up

Friday, August 6, 2010

It was the first practice with full pads today and it's starting to feel like football season is right around the corner.

We finally have word on Chip Bowden. Sal caught up with Bowden on Media day.

But Bowden has answered the bell. He isn’t showing any effects from the surgery. Bowden showed nice zip and touch completing a pass to George Jordan just over cornerback Josh Jackson at practice Wednesday.

“I feel really good,” said Bowden, who played in seven games at Trent Steelman’s backup last season. I did a lot of things in the offseason rehabilitation wise to make sure I was ready for the start of camp and I think that’s showing now.”

The Senior is fit enough to be Trent Steelman's backup after offseason knee surgery, but likely will not take part in kick coverage this year.

Regarding the team's surgically repaired knee, Steve Anderson passes the 'look test' as he talks to Sal in a taped interview: Video courtesy of the Times Herald Record.

It's great to see the players so enthusiastic about the season. At the risk of wishing away the rest of the summer dare I say: I can't wait for football to start,

The departure of Jameson Carter hasn't gotten much press, but filling the role at slot is now a priority: enter Brian Cobbs.

Cobbs, an Army sophomore, was moved from cornerback to slotback in the spring. He's picking senior Pat Mealy's brain for as much knowledge as possible. Cobbs wants to be perfect.

He looked like a natural snaring balls Monday at Army's first preseason practice.

The loss of a few players can be expected in the first couple of years of a head coach tenure. I think Army has done exceptionally well finding roles for guys. Whether it was Chip Bowden on kick coverage last year or moving guys like Chad Reed up in the order, Ellerson has kept a lot of guys involved with the football team.

I would have liked to see a couple more guys like A.J. McGovern come in and learn from the seniors, but I wouldn't expect any of the freshmen linemen to compete for downs this early. For a lot of this year's first teamers... patience with the program was a virtue. I expect it to be the same with these younger guys as the team moves forward.

Game On

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Army football news reaches its summer crescendo and I end up having 1000 things to do. Typical.

Lucky enough, Sal Interdonato and Danny Wild gained access to Army's media day.

Sal is hooked up to begin with, he always gets a scoop, always. Here he talks about practice and a couple of late spring losses.

Senior slotback Jameson Carter isn’t the only player who is not with Army as preseason camp breaks. Junior George Fletcher isn’t listed on the roster. Fletcher played in 11 games at slotback as a freshman in 2008. He played in seven games including a start at slotback against Iowa State but Fletcher was moved to defensive back late in the season and made three tackles.

Danny Wild already picked out the Jameson Carter angle a while ago, but give a guy like Danny access to media day and he's going to produce something spectacular. He's got photos and exclusive video of media day.

A lot of good reads around, make sure to check out those sites.


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