Repositioning Coaches

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Sal's latest installment details some recent changes to the Army coaching staff.

Some of the moves make sense -

Payam Saadat: Saadat, Army’s co-defensive coordinator, will work with the defensive front. He mentored linebackers and safeties last season. Ellerson’s take: Payam’s background is upfront and as you know we play with all those strong safeties, corners and free safeties, we have a back five. That’s where the center of gravity needed to be. We have plenty of guys that can coach the defensive front to include myself… We were a little short handed on the back end from an experienced standpoint. Payam did a nice job with those guys. As good of a job as he did, he is still a better coach upfront than he is on the back end.”

It was pretty clear this past season that Sadaat wasn't a permanent fix for the defensive backs.Here, he goes back to his natural position, which in and of itself shows how that coaching staff loyalty held the team back last year.

There is definitely something to be valued in stability at the top coaching spot. On the other hand, holding a staff together and wedging guys into roles where they can't be the best possible teachers isn't at all what USMA football needs.

In that vein, some of the moves come with question marks -

Andy Guyader: Guyader, the team’s wide receivers coach the last four years, will move to quarterbacks coach and is transitioning into Army’s recruiting coordinator taking Waugh’s place. Ellerson’s take:  He’s transitioning into that lead (in recruiting). Andy basically ran the weekend for the first time. This is going to happen over the course of the spring. He and Tuck are kind of right feet, left feet right now with the idea that will transition into Andy’s portfolio if you will.”
 Guyader was a QB under Ellerson at Cal Poly, so what was he doing coaching wide receivers? I think it was good form to wait until Trent Steelman left until you change the QB coach - but if Ian Sheilds isn't the best option QB coach on the team why did T.S. develop into the player that he did?

I don't want to chew it apart, because all of this is a wait-and-see thing. I hope I'm wrong about my conjecture, and Guyader is the best option coach in the nation. I guess we will wait and see..



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