Morgan State / Army Game Notes

Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Saturday's game notes are up.

Army's game notes are here (.pdf).

Morgan State has MEAC conference notes (.pdf) available.

I don't know why I didn't realize this until now, but the Hawaii game will kick off after midnight (ET).

When I lived in Oregon I used to cherish the late Hawaii game, because with the Pacific time zone - it seemed like games would wrap up relatively early on the mainland, and Hawaii gave me one last game to watch after the PAC 12 late games. I don't know how I'm going to like watching Army play after midnight, correction: I know that I'm going o enjoy watching Army play after midnight, but I don't know how well my neighbors and my kids will appreciate it.

... only one way to find out.


Army 2-1

Monday, September 16, 2019

UTSA's defense changed up their look late in the 1st quarter to a sort of 5-3-3 blanket defense ultimately forcing 2 fumbles and 4 punts before Army would finally break through and score. Jabari laws' 41 yard scamper on the first play of the drive put Army over on the San Antonio Roadrunners and has me optimistic about the future of the offense.  It was Laws' first start he carried the ball 23 times for 137 yards and 1 TD.

As much as I focus on the offense, it was really the superior defensive effort in the first half that set the tone for this one. Army never trailed and never seemed in trouble, though the Roadrunners played them tough in spots. I never get tired of going into a game expecting to be mesmerized by the offense, but the defense comes on and just smashes people. UTSA was 7/15 on critical downs including the fake punt and a4th down conversion pass on one of their touchdown drives.

30,000 people showed up, which is a decent crowd. San Antonio, TX pretty good place for a ball game. I know there was a post game alma mater misunderstanding with the UTSA band. That's the kind of thing you just gotta let go.The  Army football program and its traditions have the respect of UTSA its program and its people. I know UTSA will show that whenever Army makes another trip to the Alamodome. It's nice to get the show on the road once in a while. Army will be home for the next month with games against Morgan State, then a bye week, and then Tulane.

Kell Walker had 80 yards on 5 carries. Connor Slomka had 17 carries for 59 yards.

Here's the Army/UTSA  storystats and highlights.


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