Way Too Early Spring Football Post

Thursday, February 16, 2012

I don't know why Army doesn't just move the start of spring ball up to Groundhog Day. I just get a weird feeling like I've made mention of the early start time for each of the last 3 seasons.

 If you're into recruiting Sal has a list of Army's 2012 recruits. Sal has some pretty good notes on the new players and I would call this one a must-read. The full spring roster is here.

Also, spring ball started this week:

The spring game is in Georgia.

Not that they would make it any easier to get an earlier look at the team - practices are early morning and indoors.

It's hard to believe spring ball has started already - but I think the early jump makes the wait for September seem even longer.


Yearbook: Shurtleff College

This installment to the yearbook collection is pretty much the exact opposite of the last. Shurtleff College, also known as Southern Illinois University-Edwardsville, has a great online archive of their yearbooks. Unlike my last entry I had zero intrest in Shurtleff College's football history until I cracked open these yearbooks, nor did I even recognize the school by name. Another difference between this entry on Shurtleff and the last post regarding Delaware's yearbooks - is that this collection is searchable and a total pleasure to look at online.

Southern Illinois University-Edwardsville's yearbook is the Muse and SIUE's precursor, Shurtleff College's yearbook is the Retrospect.

Shurtleff college played football, but folded in 1957 SIUE took over the Shurtleff campus and de-emphasised intercollegiate athletics and chose to subsidize intramural sports instead.

Additionally, after the move away from intercollegiate athletics, the school's player of the year honors were given not for athletic excellence, but for overall athletic participation. In any era that was a truly novel idea for an athletic department.


You can read a little bit more about the schools and yearbooks here.



The retrospect was published for years: 1911-1932, 1938-1942, and 1948-1956.

The Muse was published for the years: 1961-1971

These are a great collection of yearbooks and the search function is accurate across collections and within individual yearbooks.

Miles ahead of Delaware in their digital collections, but with a fraction of their football history,


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