West Point Signing Day Extravaganza

Wednesday, February 1, 2012


I truly appreciate such quiet signing days at West Point. I don't really like recruiting, and I don't follow h.s. athletes or offer lists at all. So for one day out of the year it is ok for me to be my usual: woefully uninformed and unprepared.

The guys have signed and eventually we will get the list... and I truly believe that's how it should be done across every athletic department.

Congrats to the new class of USMA football players. It is a new day for us all.


Yearbook: Missouri

Missouri has a great looking collection of yearbooks and athletic history made available by Univ of Missouri's digital library. There is seems to be a little something for everyone.

Missouri Football Archive

Missouri Homecoming Traditions

Tigers Through the Hoop Missouri Basketball photograph collection

Missouri Sports Posters

Plenty of stuff to look through for the interested Tigers fan - and while there are lots of sports-related texts and photos there is even more Mizzou-centric archival material.

As far as the Yearbooks go, Missouri covers a few bases...

The Tiger Claw is the yearbook of University High School at Univ. of Missouri - Columbia.

The Tatler is the yearbook of William Jewell College - different school, but same collection here, so I will make sure these three (1906, 1961, 1995) editions of the Tattler are represented in the Yearbook list.

The Savitar is the yearbook of Missouri University - Columbia and is well represented here with the complete yearbooks for 1891 and 1895-2005

The scans are fine, and the yearbooks held up quite well, but I don't know if I would have set up the collection with each page as an HTML link, but the search function works just fine.

Check 'em out: Missouri Savitar yearbooks. 


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