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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

The Abilene Christian yearbook is the Prickly Pear.

This is a nicely done yearbook brought to you by the Texas History Portal.


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Crunch Time

I've been doing a fairly poor job of blogging this Army team's season and I am finding less and less time to get timely posts up. I will try to persevere through the rest of the season not that we have reached the thick of the season.

Before we get started with any Air Force material let's take a look at Army's QB situation:

Army coach Rich Ellerson said Steelman’s situation is up in the air this week.

“We don’t know,” Ellerson said. “He is further along than I thought he’d be.”
Ellerson said a determination will be made on Steelman’s status on Wednesday. Ellerson said Steelman has told him he can play – but Ellerson said Steelman told him the same thing last week.
Steelman's importance to the team cannot be overstated, Trent is the brain of the offense. I know he is a TOUGH kid, but I don't expect him to play on that ankle. If he does start I will be shocked, but I never want to count Steelman out. I hope he gets back by December, but even that might be wishful thinking with high-ankle sprains.

Air Force has gone through some QB things as well. 

Jefferson's status was unclear over the weekend because he left the Falcons' 42-0 victory at New Mexico during the second quarter with an injury to the middle of his forehead.
"It was encouraging to see him involved in practice," Calhoun said of Jefferson. "But, no sir, I'm not ready to say he'll start Saturday. We have to rough up our quarterbacks a little this week in practice and see how they respond."
Yeah, get on that.

Army's preformance against 1-AA Fordham earned them a spot on Phil Steele's top team performances:

Total Gm


FORDHAM 514 30 55 69 17 0 0 458 95.7

42 points in the first half will land you on that list.

Here are some cliche'd keys to the game courtesy CBS

If the Falcons run their offense and avoid turnovers, they should emerge victorious again in their first home game since Oct. 13.

ARMY WILL WIN IF: Statistically Army's rushing attack puts up slightly better numbers than Air Force (Army leads the nation with 369.0 yards per game, Air Force is third with 326.88), but the Black Knights will find opportunity for victory if they can force the Falcons to turn the ball over.

Army's game notes are up for the Air Force game. (PDF)

Air Force have their game notes up here.

Blogpoll Week 10 Ballot

Monday, October 31, 2011

I feel pretty good about this one, which is why it probably doesn't look anything like last week's ballot.

I probably should have left WVU on there, but  maybe I'll remember them next week.

Fordham Wrap

Army's rushing unit is ranked #1 in the universe.

1Army85122952 5.7728 369.00350

Bonus: the link to Army's hilarious passing numbers.

Army now leads the nation in freshman who played. That makes things look pretty good for the future, but at what cost is it today?

Also hilarious was the repeated announcement on the broadcast that the game was a sellout. At first I thought there was no way that Michie was at capacity at any point of the day on Saturday. Perhaps I was mistaken, as guys like this were hard to see in the whiteout conditions.

The NCAA's rundown of team stats are here.

The Fordham angle is here. Respect Fordham, they will bounce back.

Three games left, three wins to bowl eligibility - if you don't think it's possible, move on

Here are your Army Fordham story, stats and highlights.



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