Midweek Notes

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Danny Wild is back and it is apparent he crushed it during Army's media day. He's got all kinds of photos and commentary from media day - it's a smorgasbord of fun items.

Military Times' After Action website has a countdown to kickoff which will NOT make you feel gross about Army's football history.

Sal has another practice blog - there you'll find a feast of personnel notes.

So the usual suspects are out on the beat doing yeoman's work, and I'm sitting here cribbing notes trying to play catch up. Sounds like Army season is in full swing after all.


First Practice in the Books

Practice notes from Army's first practice are here and there is not a negative quote to be found on the page.

Item: a quote from Ray Maples

“We’re going to try and score on every play. Last year we showed we had the potential, but this year I think we’re really going to execute.”

Sal picked up on the optimism, but that optimism apparently wasn't masked. Even Coach Ellerson got in on the positivity.

"We are (viewed as) upsetting people all of the time and it can't always be an upset," Ellerson said. "Sometimes, you just have to go out there and kick somebody's butt."

I'll tell you what, it's way too early to be objective about what this team can do, so I'm buying in.

You heard it here... banner year for the Black Knights.


Army Media Day

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

It was media day today at West Point, and while it's still summer there is an undeniable feeling of nostalgia and excitement as we move toward the 2012 season.

I can't tell whether I'm bothered more by the limited scope of a one-team media day or by the lack of continuing Army football coverage through the year. 

One thing's for sure though; Sal Interdonato provides lock down coverage.  

There were other media outlets present, like this one with a wonky (for me) video applet.

GoArmySports released an updated roster earlier today and also has some photos of Army's media day up on Facebook.

Things are heating up, and best of all - things are looking up.


Fall Camp Schedule

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Fall practice begins tomorrow for Army, and GoArmySports.com has posted a daily practice schedule with a few position notes.

Some terminology along the defensive front has changed this season. In what has simply been known as a defensive end in prior years is now termed the “whip.” The defensive line/linebacker hybrid position that had previously been known as the whip is now listed as “bandit” on the depth chart.

 Also, Offense will now be called "Special Teams" and the Defense will be referred to as "Offense"

Actual Army items should pick up from here on out, putting an end to my summer hibernation  - but I am prepared and I'm looking forward to another great season of Army football.



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