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Saturday, April 21, 2012

The ACC issued a stern talking-to to North Carolina. No further slap on the wrist; no 30 minute timeout administered.

A new era at Penn State has begun, appropriately featuring a glorified scrimmage for their glorified everything else.

Pittsburgh's spring game on the other hand was met with the muted enthusiasm of 4,607  spectators.


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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Towtal Raut.  Pittsburgh Penguins fight off the summer lull.

Oregon goes into some form of damage control after an ESPN the magazine article 'exposing' pot use in Eugene. If they're just figuring this out I have no question of UO's innocence in the Willie Lyles saga.


Yearbook: Daniel Baker College

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Daniel Baker College (TX) has a selection of their yearbooks available online. The Daniel Baker College Trail and Hill Billie yearbooks have been made available through the efforts of the Portal to Texas History.

There is a succinct breakdown of some of the yearbooks' content here.

The first yearbook was published in 1913, and was called "The Trail." Yearbooks were published by the student body on a somewhat erratic annual basis, 1913-1917, 1920-22, 1924-26. In 1929, a paperbound volume was issued with the title "The Hill Billie." It was to be a substitute for the Trail, which had ceased publication for a period of five years in order that more funding might "go toward the erection of a gymnasium for the college"

I can see how publication of the yearbook would be sacrificed for this noble cause. When the yearbook returned its authors were clearly used to the shorter format:

Regardless, I always appreciate a nice historical yearbook and so it makes the list. The Daniel Baker College yearbooks; newest addition to the yearbook collection. 


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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Alabama's most recent national championship trophy has gone the way of Humpty Dumpty.


The NFL's Steelers will reach way back into the past for their inspiration for next season's throwback uniforms. The black and gold will be wearing rather awful bumblebee striped uniforms designed after the unis of the 1934 Pittsburgh Pirates.

Without dwelling on the facts that the '34 Pirates were awful and those uniforms predate the Steelers  by 6 years, I will note that back in 1934 there was but one sports team in Pittsburgh worth emulating and that team was the Pittsburgh Panthers.


Phil Steele has his preseason top 24 up. You can go ahead and check that out.


The Naval Academy posted the Navy spring game in its entirety.

Wish Army would post theirs.

I've been completely lagging on the Army football front, but Sal Interdonato has his post spring depth charts up for Offense and Defense.  Worth a look.

Also, Danny Wild has been doing yeoman's work this, uh, spring with a nice photo set from a practice back in Feb.



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