Wake Forest Notes

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

 Kevin Gleason had a pretty good take on the game.

   You want a wacky football game? This was a wacky football game. This was Jack Nicholson-as-Jack Torrance-in-The-Shining wacky. Army was on its way to rushing for 486 yards and that wasn't close to the wildest part.
   The nuttiest part was Army being anywhere close to Northern Illinois, no less holding another lead with 8:55 left, the way the Black Knights defense performed.
   You want crazy? Army ran for 285 yards in the first half, held the ball for 24 of the 30 minutes — and trailed 28-19 at the break.
   Northern Illinois scored four touchdowns in its first 17 plays. 

Sal's the good the bad and the ugly left out the NIU touchdown overturned by official review, probably because it was all three - good, bad and ugly.

Army game notes are up for Wake Forest. (pdf)





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