Army 2-1

Monday, October 5, 2020

Army @ Cincinnati

Cincy came out on offense and moved the chains early. After a first down they went with an option look, which looked a lot like Urban Meyer's anemic option set in 2014 with Ohio State.

Jabari Moore swiped the option pitch for the game's first score and I really thought Army would put a stranglehold on the game there with some ball control. When the dust settled, Cincinnati proved they belonged in the rankings and showed Army the door. 

After the defensive score, Army just couldn't get the motor going on offense. Penalties played a big role all day as Army continually found themselves behind the sticks on offense. Army's first half drives were: 

9 play punt

6 play punt

3 play punt

and that's just not going to win many football games. 

It wasn't all bad, there was some damn fine execution in the second drive. 

They took a shot on a first down for an incompletion and in the scheme of things this put Army behind the sticks once again. Army played on fourth down and this time, with Cincy expecting the run, Christian Anderson was brought down in the backfield. Turnover on Downs. And that was pretty much the story of the day: penalties and poor execution that stalled drives and lost the game.

Army was getting the defense they needed all game. Again Jabari Moore, this time back in coverage turns up his second takeaway of the game. Army also had a huge goal line stand to keep the game close. 

Army found themselves behind the sticks a lot of the time and the Bearcats defense deserves a lot of credit for taking away the inside. Brent Davis showed some new plays, but they were played out of the fullback dive, so if they wanted to run in the middle they would have to get creative. They ran the inside counter 'Doc'once for like 6 yards. Might have been nice to see them play the triple option for that counter instead of calling for some of the early passing. 

Cincinnati played well, and it just sucks that Army has to list this as a missed opportunity. Army hasn't beaten a ranked opponent since 1972, and apparently that's not going to change this season. 

Army Cincinnati story, stats, highlights and replay.  



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