Saturday, August 29, 2009

All Over

Checking in today from Coeur d'Alene, Idaho.

My hometown Wall Street Journal has an article about the 2009 prospects of some of the NCAA's former powers.

If this year's group of fallen powers formed a conference, one could neatly divide it into two divisions – schools that at least competed last season and ones that simply stunk:

Group A (last year's mediocres): Nebraska, Florida State, Notre Dame, Miami, Clemson, Colorado

Group B (last year's disasters): Washington, Michigan, Texas A&M, UCLA, Tennessee, Auburn

The former group is the better bet to produce a big surprise, since its teams weren't so far off last season.
Interesting enough I suppose, though excepting ND, Michigan and Washington, this is a sample of college football's recent fallen powers and not so much all-time great programs.

Another such team: SMU looks to be starting over from scratch as their QB called it quits.

An interesting look at the Virginia Tech's Hokie pokie around eastern football conferences.

The Sun Bowl turns their back on the Big East. I don't like that news at all, the Sun Bowl is a classic bowl venue, and a long term deal with the Big East would be best for the league. The Big East needs to raise it's postseason profile especially now without a Gator Bowl bid, but now they have little hope to do so. Is this the final straw for the Big East to create their own bowl game?



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