Thursday, August 20, 2009

Looking Ahead

Scout did a interview with an optimistic Rich Ellerson

"So there are certainly some things that are changing, and there was some good work that was being done here and we are trying to capitalize on that, and we are trying to be able to take a step forward without taking a step back... and if we can do that - and if you look at the scores from a year ago and do that - then you can say [improving the program this year] is not unrealistic.
"We are going to have a way of operating which is efficient and we are going to ultimately be efficient with our cadets and their time, because the cadets’ time is under such pressure."
This story shows Ellerson is trying to restore Army's winning tradition.

And in this one we find out that Rutgers has ducked a six-game Notre Dame/Meadowlands agreement to play Army

The issue RU had with the ND deal was that by playing at the Meadowlands Rutgers technically lost a home game at the refurbished Rutgers Stadium. Against Army Rutgers will play as the away team, preserving another home game at their embiggened stadium.

Say what you will about RU ducking Notre Dame to play teams that are more on Rutgers' level, the Meadowlands date is a great way for Rutgers to assert their brand and claim dominance in college football's final frontier: NYC.

Oh, yeah... about that. If Rutgers is going to take ownership of Gotham they're going to have to fight off the influence of the 'Cuse who just scheduled two Meadowlands games against Notre Dame and another Meadowlands date with USC.



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