Army 2-1

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Army won their game against Ball State University this afternoon, but didn't do themselves any favors giving up 17 points off of 4 turnovers.
Ironically, Army won the game off a 4th quarter Donovan Travis interception that was returned for 18 yards and a touchdow. It really seems like this team is feast and famine - defense and offense. The defense can really make things happen, but the offense sort of gets stuck in some ruts trying to move the ball.

Another thing that I noticed was special teams' struggles returning kicks. It would be great to bring in a decent special teams coach to go over the basics with this team because it really is basic things that are holding the special teams back.

On the bright side, regarding special teams, Alex Carlton kicked a career long 45 yard FG. These things add up over the course of the season, and Carlton will be counted on in close games like this.

Army Insider has some quotes up from players & coaches.

On what it feels to be 2-1

"It's going to feel better to be 3-1. We'll have some time to live this feeling up but when we come in tomorrow it's all about Iowa State. It's feels great to win in front of the home crowd. It feels great to give the Corps of Cadets something to be happy about and Army fans something they have been waiting to see for a while. This is where we turn the corner for this program."

Jameson Carter
Their record isn't ideal considering the way they dropped the game last week vs. Duke, but 2-1 is a launching point for Army football. The thing that bothers me about today's game is that the same miscues and mishandles that sank Army against Duke remained one week later. I promise you, if Army continues to turn the ball over next week, Iowa State will make the Black Knights pay.

Josh McNary earned another sack, as he remains among the NCAA leaders in sacks. LB Stephen Anderson stood out on defense as the Junior had 13 tackes (by my #'s) and a sack in an awesome day on the defensive side of the ball.

Attendance at Michie Stadium was 25, 646
Here's your story, stats (ESPN) and highlights (CBS).

Army plays 2-1 Iowa State next week. The Cyclones mopped up Kent State today 34-14.



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