Army 2-2

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Army lost 31-10 at Iowa State on Saturday leaving the team at 2-2.

The black Knights dominated the clock, but beyond that were overmatched against a bigger opponent. Army drew it to within a touchdown at the half, but couldn't sustain their attack in the second half, though they came close on several occasions. Army went 3 for 16 on third down while Iowa State went 3 for 11, but difference in this one was Iowa State's ability to make plays on offense.

Some quotes:

Rich Ellerson on the passing game, "That's not our offense, that compliments our offense. We have to run our offense. We need to be able to run the triple-option. We need to be able to run the double-line option. We need to be able to check to a hard run, then block a couple of guys and finish a run in a critical situation."

Chip Bowden on Army's ground game: "They were loading up the box and tried to limit what we do offensively. We definitely found some holes. We found some places to attack. We were successful. We just wish we were more successful."

Bowden on offense: "We really need to focus on closing out drives and putting some points on the board and get the ball in the end zone."

Ellerson on the turnover ratio: "It's hard to beat a team that doesn't turn the ball over. We had that going for us for a while, but they win on that part."

ISU head coach Paul Rhoads on halftime adjustments: "Halftime was time well spent."

Ellerson on the 3rd down miscues: "We squandered a couple of possessions not quite knowing what we're going into, and that's disappointing. That's frustrating."



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