Connectivity Information: Tulane Game

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Just a heads up regarding the Army/Tulane broadcast.
CBS College Sports will air the game on tape delay; which is pretty much the same as saying they're not covering the game live, but will show the standard replay at 11:30 PM EST.

Live internet radio can be expected and I'll follow up with some links under the radio tab. I'm not too happy about the delay, since: why would I get CBS College sports if they didn't actually show the Army game? There is very little redeeming value in getting CBS College if they don't show the game I want. Anyway, Knight Vision is always a possibility for those who must watch live.

Army has compete control of their media availability and they chose CBS College sports to broadcast Army football this season. If the delay gets more people into the stands for Tulane that would definitely be a good thing, but there are alumni and lifelong fans that rely on the live TV broadcast. It will be interesting to see how many Army fans attend the Tulane game - especially considering that the 12:00 PM start time is ideal for TV, but probably the worst start time for New York City area fans who want to attend. Now that TV is off the table, all we're left with is the early start time.



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