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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

With 9 days until the Army/Navy Kickoff there hasn't been much Army football news to work with. I could post on other college football has-beens and also-rans but I think I'll wait until the Army/Navy stories start to materialize until I post more. I'll make it up to the retiring Bowden and back-from -the-dead SMU in the future, but right now - I'm concerned with one thing

Don't miss the Army/Navy game website. It's a thorough look at the history of the rivalry. Their timeline looks at every year of the rivalry with back story and scores. Check it out, they've done a stellar job on that site.
Another great Army/Navy game site can be found here, this one is a collaborative work between the two academies' libraries and has pictures and program covers from each game year - very interesting indeed.

For What They Gave has another quality Army Navy timeline. They have some great game stories there, another really cool site.

Sal Interdonato takes a look at Army's past rushing numbers against Navy. Considering Army will have to duplicate or surpass some of those numbers - this edition of the rivalry looks to be as challenging as it is important.



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