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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

I'll probably do a statistical comparison of the two teams a little later, but for now - more news.

A very good article about the way of life at West Point. The article deals little with actual football but it's a must-read, regardless.

Another cool article including some noteworthy history of the rivalry.

Seconds after Stichweh’s touchdown, television viewers watched him score again.

“This is not live,” presenter Lindsey Nelson screamed, “ladies and gentlemen, Army did not score again.”

December 7th, 1963 – a day that may live in some infamy: instant replay was born. If Thierry Henry wants someone to blame, Verna is a good place to start.

An interesting note on Bill Wagner's Navy football blog: Rich Ellerson spent a year at the Naval Academy. Somehow I missed that fact, but it's really only notable this week.

Sal Interdonato's Great Debate Continues.

Which team's defense will do a better job of containing the other's option offense?

This one asks, "Can Army make history?"

In actuality, what Army is trying to do is less historical and more like bucking a couple of bad trends.

Another standard Army vs. Navy article here.

Army presser quotes are up, some very interesting tidbits there, another must-read.



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