Grading the Coach

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Bleacher Report grades D-1A's first year coaches.

Rich Ellerson lead Army to 5-7 his first year as head coach, which is two wins better than Stan Brock's 2008 Black Knight squad. Ellerson's biggest win in 09 was a 17-13 OT win at home against Vanderbilt but also struggled at home to get wins against Ball State and North Texas.

I really think this was probably the best hire Army could find, Ellerson did a very good job while at Cal Poly and if he can get this Army team bowl eligible within the next two seasons the guy deserves Coach of the Year awards.

(emphasis added)

That's a pretty brazen statement considering Army's schedule next year is possibly even lighter than 2009's.

But you know something Coach? Don't let anything hold you back. Army runs the table and Ellerson will deserve the COTY.

Hey, if Navy is going to push Ricky Dobbs for the Heisman then I am certainly within my rights to promote Ellerson for the Coach of the Year.

I've got to get the bumper stickers to the print shop, but check back through the 2010 season as this site turns into Rich Ellerson central.



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