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Saturday, March 6, 2010

Army played their spring scrimmage #2 and GoArmySports has a recap.

The player quotes at the end of the article have some timely updates.

Senior LB Stephen Anderson
(Ref.: his rehabilitation from offseason knee surgery)
“It’s going well. It’s a slow process. I have to remind myself every day that it’s a slow process, but the little victories help every day .I might run a little harder in the pool or walk a little faster on the treadmill. I’m not running yet. There’s no need for me to be better by March or April. I just want to be better for August, and I have to keep reminding myself of that. It’s a pretty legit surgery. I just need to take it day by day and listen to my trainers and doctors, and just take it as it comes.”

Sal Interdonato writes about new personnel at the slotback position.

Army’s search for speed at the slotback position has given junior Emerson Follett a new football life.

Follett played defensive back and was punt returner for Army’s sprint (lightweight football) team.

Follett hasn’t lined up against the big boys since he was a wide receiver at Lewiston (Idaho) High.

ESPN's Graham Watson takes note of the interchangeable athletes at West Point.

“Obviously, that was an extreme situation,” Ellerson said of Villanueva’s position change. “Guys have to love to play the game more than they love to play a particular position. I tell guys at the beginning of the recruiting process that if they can only be happy playing left end or right tackle or whatever it is, don’t come here because I don’t care. If a guy can only play one position, that’s a bad recruit.”

A very interesting perspective. Dave Wannstedt is another guy who likes to move guys around from year to year. The way Pitt plays under Wannstedt's doesn't usually produce the most high scoring team - but they keep games close and play very well with the game on the line. With the run game that Ellerson brings to the table I can only hope that switching players around on either side of the ball finds Army the speed to keep Army in some more games with chances to win games late. But with that said, the players have to be just as comfortable playing in close games as they are at picking up new positions in the spring.



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