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Monday, April 12, 2010

The Times Herald-Record has a video interview with Trent Steelman. This one is post spring game, but published today.

As the weather warms up it really sets in how slow football news is over the summer. There's not a lot of Army football news, and the other sports are either off-season or heading to playoffs. That really makes it seem like a slow time for football news.

Football will return in time. Until then I encourage you to remain patient, and don't wish the summer away as you look forward to the 2010 season.

In other Army sports Army swept Navy in baseball and Danny Wild has a nice writeup of the facilities and atmosphere at West Point from a baseball game earlier in the year.

The New York Red Bulls beat Army 3-1 in an MLS preseason exhibition. That sounds like it was a cool event - the Red Bulls are the only NY team I acquired from my 7 years living in New York City so I'm happy to report them playing against Army soccer.

Also, the West point boxing team had another tremendous year hosting the championships with 5 fighters winning titles while capturing the team title for the 3rd straight year.

So coming up... I hope to get on with the year by year football posts... which is taking me a lot longer to produce than I anticipated. I'll post at least the year 1877 this week and I look forward to when I can just roll out yearly records and notable teams without having to examine the administrative side of the game - but that's where I am with them, so I'll carry on.



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