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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Sal has some great notes on Army's incoming recruiting class. His 845U blog talks a bit about Ellerson's thoughts on the class, the theme... adding versatility and depth.

"Most everybody who we recruited, with a few exceptions, have the potential to play multiple positions," Ellerson said.

"It's fragile," Ellerson said. "We have some depth in some places. We don't have enough really good players. We are still looking for really good players."

Enter Army's 55-member freshman class, which Ellerson greeted at West Point's reception day on Monday. The class includes 27 players who practiced the team's offensive and defensive schemes last fall at Army Prep in Fort Monmouth, N.J.

After Action makes mention of the incoming Cadets ... another site worth checking out.

Unlike Florida and Alabama recruits, Army’s plebes must complete Beast Barracks, which is cadet basic training, before they can even considering strapping on a helmet. First summer practice starts on Aug. 2.

In terms of comparing Army athletes to the recruits of SEC football powerhouses, Beast Barracks is just one of the rigors that sets the Black Knight athlete apart. Without mentioning the expectations in grades and curriculum, and before we even touch on West Point graduates' service requirements. These future Army athletes have joined an historic brotherhood of student athletes which will have heightened expectations in pretty much every minute of every day for their next 9 years. So while these recruits may not have the Scout or Rivals evaluation stars - the opportunity will be there for some of these men to earn much more prestigious stars in their career.

Finally, a short 2010 football preview, with this one what you see is what you get...

For 2010, Army comes in at #85 in Athlon's preseason poll. They provided this blurb on the Black Knights

No. 85: Army — Rich Ellerson came from Cal-Poly armed with the triple option and a reputation as a program builder. He used both to his advantage last fall, leading the Black Knights to five wins — the most at the school since 1996 — and creating a new attitude in the program. Now, after another spring practice with his team, Ellerson believes Army is poised to take that next step — playing in a bowl game.



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