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Saturday, July 3, 2010

In my mention of the conference happenings in the CAA in the recent Delaware post, I turned up this item regarding the instability in the Colonial North division.

The question facing CAA Football is, have all the dominoes stopped falling? If Rhode Island makes the move, half of what was the North Division - Northeastern, Hofstra and Rhode Island - would be gone by 2012. That would not only take away winnable games for the former division's other three programs - Maine, Massachusetts and New Hampshire (who would be the last three remaining original members of the Yankee Conference) - but it would mean they will have to make a bigger commitment to football financially (including travel) to remain competitive with the southern schools in what will be a true Atlantic Coast conference.
Maine has played football since 1892, achieving a Tangerine Bowl appearance in 1965. The Black Bears have been members of the Yankee Conference, the Atlantic 10 and now the Colonial Athletic Association and have collected 11 (Yankee/Atlantic 10) conference titles through the years. The CAA is easily the most competitive FCS conference and when so many good teams enjoy so many built-in advantages, it can be tough for a school like Maine to stand out.

Maine's yearbook collection, though, does stand out. The Prism is the University of Maine's yearbook and has been in print since 1895. They've done a great job of documenting Maine's football history even with the earliest two years left unwritten in the yearbooks. There are very few yearbooks online that have football team pictures dating as far back as 1895...

The Prism has that.

If you're up for a ride way back in time take a peek at Maine's Prism yearbooks. Another great yearbook for the collection.


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