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Friday, August 27, 2010

 The official blogpoll is now out. Through the course of the season I will post two (2) blogpoll entries weekly. Sometime on Sunday or Monday I will post a rough draft of my top 25, When the blogpoll is aggregated I will post my ballot and the official top 25. This way I hope to avoid any confusion as to which blogpoll post is which... 2 per week max. Sunday or Monday and whenever the Top 25 is released. 

I hope to add the blogpoll members into my list of links, and I'll probably get around to doing that sometime before next week.

I've got the new Playbooks tab up and running up above. I see so many search hits for wildcat offensive plays and defenses for the unbalanced line (hint: there is no defense against The Unbalanced Line) that I saw an opportunity for more cool content©. I have linked to a number of online football playbook sites and I've attached some notable playbooks to the page. If you came to the site looking for some wrinkles to add to your team's playbook check out the Playbooks tab, there are links to a ton of playbooks.
That's about it for issues with the site. I might add a paypal button if anyone wants to donate to the betterment of the site, but that just isn't a priority right now.

Let's hold on for one more week and we'll be at the dawn of a new football season. Thanks to all for sticking with me through the long off season, just like you I'm looking forward to football!



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