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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Army unveiled their new uniforms for the 2010 season, and there are some very interesting changes.

In addition to new looks for both home and road games, Army will sport a special "Dress Gray" uniform style as a tribute to the U.S. Corps of Cadets and the Long Gray Line when the Black Knights square off against Air Force at Michie Stadium on Nov. 6.

Army will continue wearing black jerseys (with gold swatches) and gold pants (with a black stripe) for its home games, while donning white jerseys (with black swatches) and gold pants (with a black stripe) on the road. The Black Knights will also feature a white-pants (with thin gold and black stripes) option, an "India Whites" style, for road games played in warm weather climates. The word "Army" will be printed in small lettering centered on the chest of both jerseys above the uniform number, with the words "West Point" emblazoned along the back name plate atop the jersey number.

Very interesting indeed, India Whites? Dress Gray?

I'm pretty lukewarm about the changes to the home and away unis, but I like the idea of a couple of special situation uniforms like the all white and gray.

I guess one could say the gray looks reminiscent of a spacesuit, but new uniforms are a positive thing from what I can tell.

I guess what really matters is that the players like them.

Senior C Zach Peterson
(Ref.: unveiling of new uniforms)
"I like the white-on-white, that's the best looking one. I have never seen it on an Army player and it's a good change. It's something different, has new materials and is much tighter and sleeker. I think they will be perfect for a warm game.

Senior LB Stephen Anderson
(Ref.: new uniforms)
"It's a nice little change. At the same time, we made a decision on the team to make sure we got excited about them now so that when it becomes game time, we will wear just another jersey when we go out there and do what we want to do on any other Saturday."

Junior LB Josh Jones
(Ref.: new uniforms)
"I like them a lot. They are sick."



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