Army Hawaii Availability

Saturday, September 11, 2010

There is an internet stream available, check the radio tab above for a link.

Just to touch on this notable story:  Head Coach Rich Ellerson got some face time in the New York Times.

I really enjoyed this article. As goes the adage: football isn't about the X's and O's, but rather the willies and joes - this piece steps away from the matchups and playbooks and gives a look at the personality of Coach Ellerson. It's a conceptual look at a coach who has instituted his philosophy - apart from the game of football and taken the Army football team on a path to achieve and succeed. It's a good read and despite leaving out football's X's and O's, this one has me thinking 10 wins in 2010.

It's just like me to be so optimistic before Army's first test of the season, but I'll be honest in my opinion that Hawaii at Michie is the least of Army's worries this year. Forgive me for thinking that Army can flip the field against Rutgers and get a win at 'neutral' New Jersey, pardon me for holding the belief that Army is due to beat Navy. Losses to Notre Dame and Temple 10-2 with the CIC trophy sweep? All of this would be very difficult to imagine without HC Rich Ellerson. If Army is going to do any of that this is the year, there, I said it.
This is the year.

You can believe the poison that's spouted on message boards or you can believe that this Army team is made differently than Black Knights teams before it. I'm not talking about what offense Army runs and I'm not talking about the brand of athlete put forth by West Point - I'm talking about the vision and effort of Rich Ellerson. Considering those elements it is easy to feel optimistic about the future of the Army football program. Sure, the goals this year are loftier, I'm simply suggesting that West point fans should have expectations that match those lofty goals.

That's all. Enjoy the game.



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