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Monday, September 6, 2010

As is the norm for my information stream - Sal has the scoop.
Sal Interdonato did a radio interview with WVOX 1460AM, and gave his take on the Eastern Michigan game and looked ahead to Army/Hawai'i next Saturday.
And as is the norm for my news collection ability: I cribbed Sal's notes.

Some of Sal's comments - paraphrased, of course.

Sal said that Coach Ellerson was encouraged by the way the ball was distributed through the offense.

Sal seemed to think that Jared Hassin would improve as the year goes on. For one, Hassin was a halfback in highschool and FB is a new position for him. Because of that, Sal said he thought Hassin showed some nerves in his first game and that he will probably have better performances down the stretch.

He moved on to the Black Knight players who were touched by injuries and updated us a little bit on what the linebacking corps will look like moving forward.

With Andrew Rodriguez injured, Nate Combs played for all of 6 defensive plays, left the game injured and was seen on crutches. Sal said that Rich Ellerson mentioned unofficially that Combs is likely done for the year.

Moving forward, Sal said that Chad Littlejohn performed well with 7 tackles in the backup roll, and that they will shuffle things around a bit for practice this week. Look for Littlejohn or Steve Anderson to fill LB spots and this news report (also Sal's) lists Steve Erzinger as probable to start against Hawaii.

Regarding the Hawaii game Sal talked a bit about how the secondary will have to step up after not really being tested by Eastern Michigan. Trent Steelman's role in handling the football should become more polished as the season goes on - and with the weapons and the way the offense is distributing the ball, Steelman should stay healthier and be more effective since he won't have to do so much by himself.
Sal's keys to the Hawai'i game come in the ability of the secondary to step up against the Warriors pass attack and with finishing drives - not with ball control, not with scoring field goals... finishing drives with touchdowns.

Thanks to Sal for the info, his insights are pretty much spot on; you can follow him on the Times Herald-Record sports page or on his Army Football Insider Blog.




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