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Thursday, October 7, 2010

I've been running around for the last couple of days, but luckily playing Tulane offers a feast of media coverage.

First the Army things.

This one is another payback game from last year. Last year's game really chapped my ass (yes, I have an extremely chapped ass). More than the '09 Temple game, more than last year's Duke game... to me this was that illusive 6th win that Army just missed out on.

Army's defense knows it's time to step up.

Army's defense has lost second-half leads in both of its losses. Senior middle linebacker Stephen Anderson said the defense needs to regroup more quickly after giving up big plays.

"We believe as a defense if we ever have a lead late into the third quarter, the game should be over," Anderson said. "It should be ours. That's what kind of defense that we have always been. It's frustrating as a player. It's frustrating as a captain. It's frustrating talking to coaches about it because when we are playing our dominating defense it's a great thing to see. It's fun.

Stepping up this week is made harder by the defense having to deal with little injuries through the week. Sal notes these and tells us of the status of Andrew Rodriguez.

Army junior linebacker Andrew Rodriguez, in uniform, was teaching technique to a young linebacker.
Rodriguez had back surgery last month and is out for the season.

That's a tough way to hear what we all sort of knew. Best Wishes to Rodriguez getting his mojo back.

Tulane has also had their share of injuries.

Tulane quarterback Ryan Griffin felt much better Tuesday than he did the previous week. After spraining his left (non-throwing) shoulder against Houston, Griffin was in pain early last week. He was held out of yesterday's practice to let him recover from the Rutgers game, where he completed 17 of 28 passes for 140 yards. Griffin practiced Tuesday and looked pain-free, including after an unscripted collision with a running back in the backfield.

Nose guard Oscar Ponce de Leon had to stop during a one-on-one drill because of pain in his sprained right ankle. He continued with practice, but he is not listed on the depth chart for the Army game. Chris Asumnu will replace him, and Cedric Wilson will back him up. Justin Adams and Tony Bryant are running one and two at the other tackle slot. ... Third-team tight end Kevin Burris did not make the trip to Rutgers because of a knee injury and did not practice Tuesday. Brock Sanders has replaced him. ... Tailback Orleans Darkwa could return this week. Darkwa tore a tendon in his elbow in the Houston game two weeks ago and was sick with a fever Tuesday. Payten Jason is now listed as the first-team tailback, moving ahead of Albert Williams.

It's Tulane's homecoming after a big road win against Rutgers, they're looking to keep the momentum going.

“This” was the jolt to the program Tulane needed because it was as unexpected as it was impressive.
Tulane fought the good fight in losses to Ole Miss and Houston, actually had a chance to beat each of them. It failed to clear the hurdle both times. It wasn’t a surprise that the Wave was a double-figure underdog at Rutgers.

Then there is Tulane HC Bob Toledo's penchant for trick plays.

Friday the blog will host a guest post written by Frank from the Tulane blog Frank Helps You Think It All Out. Make sure to stop back to check that one out.



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