Army Navy Wrap Up

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Well, that was fun.

In all honesty I did enjoy the game, though I seldom felt like Army was on the verge of breaking through. 

Ugh, the sick irony of the Beetle Bailey headline banner picture juxtaposed with that 98 yard fumble return. Absolutely crushing. Due to that and the current 9 year streak of losses, the rivalry will now be referred to as the Navy/Army game on this site until further notice.

Regardless, I'm here to spin positive. The team has 15 extra practices coming their way and the seniors will close out their careers with one last tilt in Dallas. The Navy loss will sting, but this team will get over it. You want motivation? I would hate to be the Mustangs on Dec 30th. The loss to Navy makes the Armed Forces Bowl a must win game for the Black Knights.

This team has the impetus to go out and earn themselves a winning season, the success of Army's 2010 campaign depends on it.

As for Navy, they have solidified their status as my 3rd most hated NCAA football team.

Congratulations to the Mids, they earned the win.

Your 2010 Navy/Army story, stats and highlights.




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