BlogPoll Top 25 Week 15

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Here's a look at the final top 25 of the season.

Technically, I will have to slot Navy up or down depending on the outcome of the Army/Navy game, but for all intents and purposes this is the final Unbalanced Line top 25 of the year.

Whether or not I update the top 25 after Army/Navy I doubt I will post another Top 25 after the bowls.I guess that could be my chance to rail against the BCS system or a cue to begin fearmongering against the institution of a college football playoff, but I'll just air it out now that this will likely be the final ranking of the season.

Maybe that will change - and I will explain myself if it does. As for now the only explanation I feel required to offer is that with three undefeated teams, my opinion on the national title picture is irrelevant. In fact all organized attempts to decide a champion are moot and that's because of the bizarre fascination of football fans to try to find one champion within a conglomeration of 10 leagues. The bowls just might leave the 2010 season with one single undefeated team, and even if it does - one thing will remain very clear: the BCS system is a flawed one, and until football fans relinquish our obsession with made up designations like "THE BEST" and "#1" the game will remain in its current corrupt and flawed form.



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