Tuesday, December 7, 2010

So there's a short ton of stuff I want to get to - some stuff is Army fb news I need to catch up on and other stuff has to do with the end of the season and finally getting some clarity on the 2010 season.

First thing's first though... Army has achieved its goal of postseason play. That doesn't make the season a success- it just shows that the Black Knights have achieved one of their season goals. Army plays SMU at their stadium on December 30th.
Earlier today I watched the rerun of SMU laying down in the second half for Navy, but this has the makings of a nice matchup.  I promise you SMU is no slouch - nor is Army - and the game should be a good one. 

I have plenty of time to give the Bell Helicopters Armed Forces Bowl the attention it deserves but for now the entire college season is finished and available for our examination. Conference championships have been won and bowl bids have been handed out, the entire season is available for our review. Without mentioning our team's unfinished business - it's tough to say what level of success Army has achieved in 2010.

The late-December bowl game is a huge bonus. Any circumstance that keeps the team practicing through 2011 is clutch. Ellerson keeps his guys going a little later in the year and it gives the Knights a chance to really try out some of next year's guys pre-spring. That itself can be a program changer. With Army losing 4 of their 5 linemen these pre-spring reps will make a difference in the play of next year's OL starters.

I'm pumped up about the bowl game, but I'll turn my focus to the Navy tilt. Starting tomorrow I'll catch up with the Navy game news and take a further look at the 2010 season that was.



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