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Sunday, March 13, 2011

South Carolina has their Garnet and Black yearbooks available online.

There are some significant gaps in the years that they have online, but the earliest edition of the Garnet and Black they have available is from way, way back in 1899. That volume gives us a look at the then brief history of southern football as well as recapping South Carolina's 1898 season.
I like finding major college scores and records that aren't listed on my favorite games database, and the earliest online volume of the Garnet and Black yearbook has several items listed that fall under that category. 
 None of those pre-1900 scores are listed with Soren Sorensen,which is the true value of these records of early football. No matter how biased a publication can be, the true history of the game is captured in the game recaps and  scoring summaries of each  game and in each year. 
I hope these yearbooks can clarify those early years as we move forward.
Make sure to check out the yearbook collection  for more historically relevant football content. The more we examine these sources the more we can find out about the game that remains America's #1 sport: 
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