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Saturday, August 13, 2011

First thing's first...  that Rice home game in 2014?.. is the front end of a home and home series. Rice announced that the Owls will face Army at Rice Stadium in 2015. It's nice to find a place to play in Texas.

I couldn't wait (...but had to wait) to post this Q&A with Army's co-DC Chris Smeland.

This one is about as must-read as it gets. Smeland talks about some defensive newcomers, prepping for 2011 opponents' offenses and he touches a little bit on why the early spring practice.

"We lost quite a few seniors off last year's team.  We just felt that with the young guys we are going to play, the sooner we could get them going the more they would retain.  Also it gave them more time for physical conditioning from the end of spring ball before they come back this time of year."

Here is a pretty good article on Rich Ellerson and the direction of the program.

Definitely worth a look.

Also there are a couple of photo albums possibly worth noting.

West Point Public Affairs Dept. has a photo album of the team's first practice.

This fellow Chet Gordon's photo album has shots of Army's first practice.

Gordon is a photographer and his blog has some great shots of Army early in the season. I'll be sure to keep an eye on the happenings over there.

Speaking of photographers Danny Wild retooled his site, go ahead and check in on his work as well.



David said...

Chet Gordon works for the Times Herald-Record.

Chris said...

Both Chet Gordon and Danny Wild are pure professionals. Those two should get together and do a podcast.


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