Friday Night Spites

Saturday, September 10, 2011

The second week of the season is barely underway and already I am let down and frustrated by the circumstances surrounding the Friday evening games.

I've gone on record saying that I wholeheartedly oppose any form of overtime in college football. In short, I believe that in a system like the BCS that tries to determine the top two teams for a final championship bowl game, ties give us more information to judge the season on than mere wins and losses. Tonight's inter-sectional matchup between Missouri and Arizona State is an early, and relatively innocuous example of overtime presenting a false outcome. While a regulation time tie would give us less information today about the rankings of these teams this week - over the course of the season this tie might ring as a good tie or a bad tie for one or both of these teams, and ultimately the tie gives us more data to rank these teams at the end of the year. 

Missouri stormed back in the 4th quarter to tie the game, but overtime proved only that Arizona State could move a distance of 25 yards faster than Mizzou. I get that these are the rules that everyone plays by, but all things considered overtime is one of the most counter-productive institutions in the game today. 

Arizona State "winning" a game in OT in which I believe neither team was worthy of the top 25, will likely propel ASU into the top 25 and again perpetuates the continuing fraud of overtime in college football.


More disgusting even than that is the example that the pitiful Louisville Cardinals made with their sorry brand of football. FIU thrashed the Cards for their first win vs the Big East - a conference desperate to uphold its name as a proper BCS conference.

Look, I am invested enough a Big East fan to realize that I should put aside my utter hatred of the Louisville Cardinals and root for UL for the good of the perception of the conference. Fine, it's a bitter pill to take, but I realize that the public view of the Big East depends on wins like this- especially in the early portion of the season.

As I recall, Louisville came into the Big East full of swagger with talk of ace coaches, revamped recruiting, and dynamic football showcase. They delivered on that for about 2 years, giving Big East opponents fits during their short 2 year reign as the class of the Big East.

My beef with the Louisville situation is that they just can't compete with the class of the Sun Belt Conference - let alone the ass-end of the Big East. Fine so Louisville sucks - so what?

The kicker is that L'ville's move to the Big East reminds me quite a lot of the Big East's upcoming TCU experiment. There is of course no guarantee that TCU will flounder like the hilarious Louisville program, but I can sooner see TCU languishing at the bottom of the conference than flying a championship banner above their home field. I am certain that TCU is over their head with this jump up in competition, but my only true hope is that I am spared a new wave of nonsense about how TCU will wipe up the Big East for years to come. Trust me, I am not worried about that.




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