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Sunday, September 11, 2011

We're seeing a trend year to year with this Army team - the trend of gacking away winnable games. Army's at a point where they need to execute perfectly in all phases to compete the way the team is expected to compete, and when they don't - it's going to be bad news.

Army had stretches on Saturday where they competed and even bested San Diego State. This was exactly the kind of game that last year's Army team would come out of with a win. The way Army put the ball on the ground they gift-wrapped the game for the Aztecs.

For most the story was just that: Army needs to get a grip.

One year removed from owning the third-best turnover margin in the nation, the Black Knights committed eight fumbles, losing three, en route to a 23-20 loss Saturday vs. San Diego State, the first California opponent to visit Michie Stadium since 1980.

Not unlike last year, the team finds itself with all kinds of personnel problems. Steelman dinged up, down some linemen, and moving slotbacks to defense will test this team's resolve. Sal looks for a shakeup that would effect both sides of the ball.

Army needs Brian Cobbs, who opened the season as a slotback, to pick up on how to play cornerback again quick this week. Freshman Lamar Johnson-Harris, who made his first career start at cornerback, will play a role in Army’s future. But Johnson-Harris isn’t ready just yet. Cobbs entered West Point as a cornerback and was moved to slotback.

There is some justified bitterness over at Aztecs Killing Him, but the game's numbers weren't too far off of that site's prediction, so I don't know when their bump up in perception happened... certainly not between the opening kickoff and the final whistle. I think that those guys might be thinking this season out with last season's results.

San Diego State were the better team today,  but I can't help but think they got away with one of Army's wins.
At this point all we can do is wish the Aztecs well on their way back to where they came from and look to the next game.

Minus a fumble or eight this game would probably be a different Story.

Here are the game's Stats and Highlights



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