Parting Look at the Big East

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Pitt is my alma mater and easily my favorite college football team, so of course the move to their move to the ACC (and the pending breakup of the Big East) is on my mind. If Pitt got screwed like the Big East at large I would probably be losing my hair about the situation. 

It's just now starting to sink in, but the new ACC looks awesome. If they run the divisions like this:


Pitt, Syracuse, Maryland, Boston College, Georgia Tech,Virginia Tech and Miami

Duke, NC State, Virginia,Wake Forest, UNC, Clemson and FSU.

That is a nice eastern football league, it's Joe Paterno's All-Eastern-Sports-League without Penn State. It's a dream scenario. Likewise, Rutgers, UConn, USF, Louisville, Cincinnati: need not apply.

Especially UConn's pandering ass.

"UConn, and probably Rutgers, would complete an eight-team Northern Division that would keep the school in a cluster or East Coast and Northeast teams, so travel costs and time away from classes would be easier across all sports. The ACC would provide major upgrades in competition and national profile in some sports, especially football and baseball. 
What a revamped 16-team ACC would look like: 

 and goes on to place  Uconn and Rutgers in a Northern Division with the Old Big East.

UConn, Syracuse, Boston College, Rutgers, Pittsburgh, Maryland, Virginia, VirginiaTech
UConn,& Rutgers, yinz ever feel like dead weight?

Pitt Blather has been a pretty good gauge of the situation over the months, but now that Pitt are party to the defections it kind of seems like other teams and blogs will have a vested interest in the expansion fallout. I used to be in that boat, so it is tough to watch old conference-mates squirm. The new ones? ok... that's a bit more fun.

Understandably there is bitterness all around, at the departing teams, at the conference head and at the ACC.

As far as the Big East football schools go, it's been real. We all had our differences, but at the end of the day, everybody each shared the same common goal, the same collective chip on their shoulder. They had a good run, and it doesn't matter what some yahoo sitting in a cornfield thinks. They proved that they belonged beyond a shadow of the doubt, and if not for internal, self-inflicted sabotage, Eastern football would be a force to be reckoned with to this very day instead of being about to enter hospice care. Those bastards killed it, and the remaining Big East football refugees should spare no act of spite or retribution to make them pay for their multitude of crimes. Enjoy playing in the new Atlantic Ten. You've earned it.

But taking cheap shots after the door slams in your face gains nothing,

It's not that Syracuse and Pittsburgh are irreplaceable on the gridiron. They're not, and Big XII remnants like Missouri could easily pick up the slack in that respect.

THAT is hysterical.

To Pitt and Syracuse's conference mates; I can only wish yinz the best of luck if that is the direction you choose to go.




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