Yearbook: Tulane University Jambalaya

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

 I'm pretty sure this is the first time I have posted the yearbook of an opponent the same week that Army plays that team in football.

The Tulane Archive, Special Collections department has digitized and made available Tulane's Jambalaya yearbook. Tulane's medical school yearbook, the T-Wave  is also available, but for a great look at Tulane's football history, the Jambalaya is it.

I love the honest nature of Tulane's Digital Collections page.

The University Archives is just now moving into the digital realm, and digital holdings are scattered. One major project that has been completed is the digitization of The Jambalaya yearbook. 

Well, it's a good thing, because to me that's the most important one.
This collection is simply one of the most complete online yearbook collections with every published yearbook since 1896 represented - and represented well. All yearbooks since 1896 except the years 1997-2003 and 2007 are available, and these books give a great look at Tulane's football history.

The Internet Archive handles the downloadable and PDF versions of the Jambalaya, and Tulane's University Archives Special Collections department created the online-viewable version that has a great searchable bookmark system. Keywords are tagged in a timeline style index bar making it easy to both search and navigate the pages.

Some of Tulane's greatest hits are instantly at our fingertips:

Tulane's 1929 Undefeated season 

Tulane's 1931 Undefeated regular season

Tulane's 1932 Rose Bowl

I'm happy to post this one during a big week for Army. It's the last Army/Tulane game in the foreseeable future, and I'm convinced that this game has significant meaning for both teams. I'm one who respects the Tulane game as a rivalry, and likewise the Green Wave as a team. Both squads could use the win, but in a historical context, unless these two programs agree to continue the series - both teams will end up losing out.

Later today I'll post a Q&A with Frank formerly of the Tulane Blog Frank Helps You Think it All Out. Frank returns for his second Army/Tulane Q&A  He'll talk about the Tulane/Army rivalry, some conference affiliation stuff and he'll talk through the Tulane +6 @ Army number. That's coming up today at 11:00AM.

For now, enjoy the look back in time with Tulane's Jambalaya yearbooks. It's another quality addition to the yearbooks list.


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