I'll Take That

Sunday, October 2, 2011

As predicted, Army won throwing the football. Or perhaps more correctly, Army won despite throwing the football. Throwing or running, this one was Army's game. The Black Knights got back into their habit of forcing timely turnovers, and both the turnover margin and the score reminded me - a lot - of last year's team.

I feel good about the win; Army was looking for a dominant performance - and got one from practically every unit. I will definitely take the W, but I kind of feel bad for Tulane. I will spare you a sob story about Tulane football's woes and I'll simply say that I don't have any reason to not like Tulane.

Thankfully Army ended the Tulane series with a win evening the all time record against Tulane at 9-9-1. Hopefully we will see the athletic departments make a quick return to this series as it should be honored as an important rivalry.

Up next is old Miami.

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