Navy/Army Media Blitz

Monday, December 5, 2011

It's that time of year again. Media outlets from across the land want to get a word in on the Army Navy  Navy/Army game.

In a year like this one for both Army and Navy the go-to cliche is in play: "you can throw out the records for this one"

The game is in Washington D.C. which bills as a neutral site game, but the Washington Post is quite comfortable covering Annapolis' team.

At a time of the year when many college football players are looking ahead to the NFL draft, Navy’s Alexander Teich is bracing for survival under water with his hands and feet bound. That’s otherwise known as drown-proofing, and it’s among the many extreme requirements confronting the senior fullback if he is to become a Navy SEAL.

Army gets a profile piece from, not much new to find out there, but I like to see football press coming off a .mil site.

 Military Times takes the historical angle with the story of the first televised instant replay.

Pointer View has a Navy/Army piece up.

and they list this week's Army/Navy Navy/Army week activities.

Good times.

Sal adds in that this game has as much import as the prevous ten games combined.

Some Army fans had higher hopes for a team coming off its first winning season since 1996 with most of its skilled offensive players back. But, a schedule with eight bowl-eligible teams and key injuries to defensive end Jarrett Mackey and quarterback Trent Steelman made that goal even tougher.

The game has certainly has gravity. We knew it would be a rebuilding year, and the Black Knights' record has proved so much.

My take last year was that Army would have to generate more progress apart from the Navy game... well that progress has been minute... so now we're back to comparing Army with Navy. 

Whether or not Army beats Navy next year we know Army is making progress, for now the Black Knights are going to have to quantify that progress in other terms. For at least one calendar year we've got to look to other manifestations of progress. That isn't to say Army can't compete with Navy, that is just saying that the Black Knights have to manifest more progress until the next time Army plays Navy.

I don't know what to take from this one other than, if you happen to be in DC, indulge yourself with some Army/Navy Navy/Army cupcakes while you watch A Game of Honor.

Sal has another chat up in it he answered a couple of questions of mine.

Sal is as inside as it gets with the Army team and has done another great job this year. His practice blogs go a long way to keeping fans informed.

I'm sure there's more, but I'm short on time. I'll hopefully get a chance to touch on other stuff tomorrow.

I for one really want Army to end the streak just so I can stop having to refer to it as Navy/Army, but until the Black Knights win, I'll keep referring to it as that.




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