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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Here's a look at Alabama's online yearbook.

The Corolla has been published consistently since 1893, and chronicles the lives and activities of Alabama students.

The digital collections have put forth a good effort and while there are only 27 editions available online, it sort of seems like they are in the middle of this project. I suggest that if you are an Alabama partisan to check back soon to see if there are new editions.

The collection holds 28 editions from spans of years between 1897 and 1969 which isn't a while bunch of years, but the content of the editions they do have is spectacular.
The scans are fine and the yearbooks are easy to browse with the page preview list at the top of the interface. The yearbooks are, however, a pain in the ass to keyword search. That coupled with the incomplete status of the digitization project disappointed me about this collection, but the content and design of the actual books with their many pictures and game reviews is a great thing to see.

Check it out, Alabama's Corolla yearbooks another important addition to the yearbook collection.


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