Army 0-1

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Describing the Army San Diego St. game as a letdown would be an understatement. Army looked unprepared and over-matched. If you told me a 42-7 score would have gone in favor of San Diego State last year, I might even have believed you. Today, even coach E. didn't expect the thrashing that the Aztecs delivered to the Cadets. 

"I am stunned," Army coach Rich Ellerson said. "I didn't anticipate or couldn't visualize us playing like that. I don't want to take anything away from San Diego State. It's a good football team and they played well. They were precise, they were physical and we were not.
"Yes it was our first game and all that, but there are so many veteran football players that were doing things that we can do in our sleep and we looked like we were trying to do it in our sleep. I'm just stunned."
 At 0-1 Army doesn't need to worry about their record; they will move on quickly and - with any greater semblance of tackling - will play themselves into much better situations than they realized earlier today.

At the very least, 2012 makes the 3rd straight year we can confidently say that Army would beat Pitt, and only now do I realize that when both teams suffer I take a bizarre solace in Army's perceived ability to size up.

Sal has a brief video recap up.

The Army/San Diego State story and stats.



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