Boston College Q&A

Thursday, October 4, 2012

I was contacted by Boston College blog Eagle In Atlanta to do a bit of a Q&A between websites. We exchanged

My answers to the Q&A can be found here.

Here are the Eagle in Atlanta answers to my questions:

The Unbalanced Line: Could you give me your thoughts on Boston College's ACC membership?

ATL_Eagle:  BC has been a member of the ACC for eight seasons, so I would say most of us are used to the conference by now. It was the right move then and despite our current slide, it is still the right place for BC now. There were aspects of the Big East that made sense but the football/basketball split always made the long-term situation unstable. Plus the ACC has been very lucrative for BC. And despite the geography, we are much more philosophically aligned with the ACC schools than we were with many of the old Big East.

 The Unbalanced Line:  How do you view BC's old rivals Pitt and Syracuse as new additions to the ACC?

ATL_Eagle: I think Pitt and Syracuse will only help BC's cause. They will change perception of BC being an "outsider" and help rekindle old rivalries. Plus adding them only reinforces our recruiting in New York and Pennsylvania.

The Unbalanced Line: Army's on an 8 game overall losing streak dating back to 2011 and have dropped 5 straight games to Boston College. Army will give BC their best shot. How do you think the game will turn out?

ATL_Eagle:  I think BC should win. If they push the tempo and throw it, BC should put up plenty of points. The issue is will BC stop Army on offense. They haven't stopped anyone yet.




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