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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Pepperdine's yearbook is digitized and available online. There are a number of other interesting and semi-interesting collections from the Pepperdine Libraries' Digital Collections page. Definitely worth a look for Alumni and fans alike.

Pepperdine Promenade online editions are available for 1939-1970. The school was chartered in 1937 and the first edition 1939 Promenade covers the 1938 school year/ athletic season. There was no Pepperdine yearbook for 1971 or 1972 as the school moved its campus to Malibu, CA. From 1973-1977 the yearbook was renamed iMprints, and thereafter named Impressions. From 2007 on, the yearbook has been made available in digital form only.

Regarding football there's not much. Pepperdine only had pigskin for 16 years. Still their yearbook is a nice look back at the Wave's athletic history. Begun in 1946, Pepperdine football wasted no time making a  splash at the small-college level. The Wave went 8-1 in their inaugural season losing only to a weak Arizona State team from the Border Intercollegiate Athletic Association.

In Pepperdine's second year they simply went undefeated 9-0 claiming the small college national championship for that year.

Even as champion, times were different back then and there was basically no compensation given to bowl games' participants. Pepperdine declined invites to several bowls, took their title and went home.

That was the last the country saw of powerhouse Pepperdine football as the team enjoyed just three seasons above .500 in the remainder of their short history.

1947 Pepperdine (in white) vs. Cal Poly


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