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Thursday, January 17, 2013

With Penn State on probation for harboring child molesters in their locker room; plus
three straight years in the BBVA Compass Bowl for Pitt. (To think if Pitt had kept Wannstedt around they could be WINNING these Compass bowls.)

It looks like Temple has finally gained footing on its in-state counterparts.

I'm not going to imply that Temple's fortunes will be greater than that of Pittsburgh's or even that of Penn State's - they lost to both teams this past year.

Temple's Templar yearbook presents a look at student and athletic life at Temple University.
The Templar is available from 1923-2009 and is a nice look at Tample's gridiron history.

I find it interesting that Temple's most memorable seasons are clearly their most forgotten years and the Owl's forgettable gridiron struggles are how most remember Temple football.

Remember that Temple actually played in the inaugural Sugar Bowl way back in 1935 - a 20-14 loss to Tulane. Today that match up would be a bottom of the stack, mid-October, Big East game of the week.

What made great Temple back then?.. None other than the enterprising, unforgetable, Pop Warner. 1934 was Warner's second year in charge of Temple after successful coaching runs at Cornell, Carlisle, Pitt and Stanford. By 1938 Warner's career had run its course (319-106–32) and Pop retired an Owl going 31-18-9 as Temple coach.

Enjoy the Temple yearbooks; the newest addition to my yearbooks list.


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